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The Soho Group is a Licensed Federal Government Contracting Company specializing in Life-Stage Health.


Residential Rental Property and Affordable Housing Environmental Safety Specialists!


Since 2006, The Soho Group, Inc. has maintained the environmental health and safety

To more than 10,000 apartment units encompassing 25,000+ families and children throughout the District of Columbia.


No other company, bar none, has the depth of experience, the employment of 75 skilled full time Certified EPA and D.C. DOE Workforce. Regardless of size, regardless of scope, regardless of complexity, The Soho Group, Inc. is YOUR Single Source Provider for Lead Paint Safety.  Above and Beyond we stand alone in this Industry.


Consultants, Risk Assessors, Inspections, Design & Planning Hazard Reduction, Paint Stabilization, Interim- Controls, Dust Wipe Clearance Testing, Lab Analysis and Work Force Supervision.


Since 2000, The Soho Group, Inc. has earned an unequalled  and indisputable reputation as Washington’s leading provider of Environmental Services, Specializing in The control and hazard reduction of Lead Based Paint.


A full time tenured staff of 60 highly trained, Certified & skilled workforce perform  Critical Health and Safety  services throughout the year, year after year!


Hundreds of D.C. residential home-owners, Commercial Office Building Managers, Construction Companies & Rental Property Management Companies call upon the distinct professionalism of The Soho Group to identify & eliminate the toxicity and contamination of Lead Based Paint.


Certified by The United States Environmental Protection Agency and The District of Columbia’s, Department of the Environment The Soho Group, Inc. has earned the highest reputation of Professionalism and trustworthiness protecting the private and commercial community  from

Health problems and preventive measures related to LBP.


What sets us apart, is the range of services we provide in the performance of Lead Reduction. A staff of 50 Certified and Licensed technicians offer our clients a myriad of skills and disciplines creating The Soho Group, Inc. as a Single Source Provider to accomplish the task at hand.


Contracting with The Federal Government or State Wide Managed Properties to insure Environmental Lead Based Paint Hazard reduction is a task for which we have decades of experience to offer. Our capability to financially scale-up to any project is within our ability, regardless of size or complexity, The Soho Group,Inc. will meet and exceed the challenge with strict compliance to governmental Protocols and insure the welfare of those living in the pre-1978 built housing stock.  


Washington, D.C. has served as our primary base of operations, however, our relationship with Maryland and Virginia, Delaware or Pennsylvania’s Environmental Health Offices encourage our participation within their localities . The requisite to control and reduce LBP hazard crosses both financial and geographic boundaries, Federal, State and Municipal Housing presents a myriad of Health challenges which only a professional, well organized, well managed, well trained corporation of our distinction is postured to manage. We’ve been doing so for more than a decade.  


Throughout the year, every year, we service more than 300 Residential or Commercial properties. We Dust Wipe Sample Test more than 3,000 samples, We paint stabilize in excess of 600,000 sq.ft. and inspect more D.C. based real estate built prior to “1978” than any other company, bar none!


Our philanthropy, Commitment and Community Service stands as a model of Community Service. Since 2002, We have purchased and renovated, 100+ affordable properties, offering “Lead-Safe” or “Lead-Free” Modern Housing  for Single Family or Multi Family Residential dwelling offered exclusively to Homeless Veteran’s, Lower-Income Single Mothers’, Housing Choice Voucher in concert with The United Stated Department of Housing and Human Service and The District of Columbia’s Housing Authority. Since 2002, we have provided safe, clean and modern housing to thousands of children, homeless and Wounded Veteran’s and Mother’s with multiple children living on food stamps.


We are Certified Within the District of Columbia  as a LSDBE Certified Contractor : LSR36843122012,  

Environmental Hazard Reduction Business Entity : DC13-4778

Environmental Protection Agency Certification (Toxic Substance Control Act ) RRP (NAT-F-110848-1)

With a line of credit from local banks in excess of $500.000.00

Lab Analysis

Highly Experienced

EPA Accredited Laboratory Testing : AMA Analytics, Inc.

Risk Assessment * Hazard Reduction Design & Planning

Visual Inspections * Consultants for Industry, Commercial & Residential                        

LBP Identification / Visual Inspections / Stabilization

Certified LBP Inspectors  EPA Certified RRP Renovators

Dust Wipe Technicians & EPA RRP Certified Workforce of 60

Community Minded Health Care

Dedicated Health Professionals

Professionally Managed Offices “The Nerve Center”

The resolution to Environmental Challenges begin with a highly trained, experienced and on-the-job knowledgeable staff, multi-disciplined in scope and professionalism. Federal & Municipal Laws, Regulations and Code Compliance, Accounting, Record-keeping, Procurement Protocols, Financing Live-Desk operations and a 24/7 Hotline throughout the year.  


Partners protecting workers and worker safety.

OSHA in-class Seminars, On-Site Training Classes, On-Call Expert Consultants Comprise the depth of knowledge insuring work-site Health & Safety.  WORKER FIRST * WORKER SAFE.

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