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Technology of Liquid Coatings & Chemicals has advanced at an unprecedented rate.

The simulation of Ancient, Antiquated & Timeless surfaces have never before been so creatively available in texture, color & patina.


Weathered, stressed, water damaged, cracked and peeling are to name a few of the rich and dimensional surface effects available at very affordable pricing.   You would be surprised.

More than Faux's Artistic Surfacing!



Simply painting a wall is no longer the standard whole house application for a renovation, remodel or new construction centerpiece of your life.

Add the charm and warmth of an artistic creation that brings the interior to life unlike ever before . . . The warmth and Glow, The Depth and unbelievable Dimension


Review a few samples of our work to see the depth of  Ventian plaster , moulding and textured surfacing to gain an insight as to what we bring to life.


Artistic Surfacing

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