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Lead-Safe Certified - The Soho Group
Lead paint testing in DC - The Soho Group

Environmental Safety is driving Single Family Home Owners and Residential Rental Communities to provide the healthiest, non-toxic environments possible .

The Soho Group is by far leading the way to accomplish that goal and provide in-so-doing environmentally friendly processes and procedures to accomplish that goal.  With a staff of highly trained technicians, Certified and Licensed by The United States ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY and THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA’S DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT,  The Soho Group,Inc. is called upon to remediate, stabilize or abate lead based paint and mold from single family homes, condominiums and rental apartment buildings throughout the city.

Additionally, with several Lead Based Paint Inspectors and Supervisors on staff, The Soho Group, Inc. performs LEAD BASED PAINT Clearance testing and Paint Stabilization on a daily basis.


If your home was built prior to 1978, your family is safer with a SOHO GROUP service call to assess lead based paint levels within the environment. A very cost effective dust wipe testing & paint chip testing is analyzed by an EPA Accredited Lab receiving results within 24 hours.


The Perils of LEAD PAINT and Children​

No other company in the District of Columbia has earned as solid, Trusted & professional reputation for Protecting the health and welfare of children. No other company by far.


Throughout the past 15 years, The Soho Group Team of Highly trained Specialists of EPA & DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CERTIFIED/LICENSED Lead Based Paint Inspectors, Supervisors, LBP Certified on-site workforce and the EPA Accredited Lab sample analysis experts comprise a one of a kind Single Source Provider for Environmental Lead-Free, Lead-Safe Professional Service.


As a homeowner of a pre-1978 property, as a parent of a new-born, toddler or adolescent, you are provided with years of training, knowledge, experience and the trust that the Soho Group,Inc. has successfully provided thousands of homeowners environmental safety, year in year out for their children.  GUARANTEED ! !


Raising young children is a challenge within itself. As parents, we do all that is possible to help our children achieve their dreams, hopes & accomplishments. It’s a 24 hour a day exercise that may possibly “go-wrong” for reasons totally unbeknownst to you as to why ! 


Residential Property, built prior to 1978 may quite possibly generate a Toxic Lead Dust, Invisible, Colorless & odorless, yet pose an EXTREMELY debilitating consequence due to repeated inhalation. Protecting children from exposure to lead is critically important to lifelong good health. No safe blood lead level in children has been identified. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, academic & personal achievement, And the effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected, reversed or substantially treated.


DON’T WAIT to test your home at surprisingly affordable costs and provide & protect your child or children from years of toxic inhalation and most importantly, safe-guard their development and ability to achieve their dreams.



Last but not least, Our clients are provided “free-of-charge” for a period of  (2) years after our service for abatement, remediation, Interim Controls or Paint Stabilization within your home, a Visual Inspection will be performed by our certified Lead Based Paint Inspectors reflecting our commitment to your family’s well-being and insure the non-recurrence of toxic exposure.

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