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Service to the residential client requires years of experience and understanding the complexities of performing within an occupied environment. The Soho Group,Inc., guarantees, professionalism,
cleanliness, service and extraordinary quality each day, everyday until the project is completed.


Since 1989, The Soho Group has provided exemplary service, quality and value to Washington’s most respected property management companies. Throughout the year and on a daily basis, The Soho Group is called upon to offer our wide range of skilled disciplines to our city’s finest

residential properties.


In concert with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and The District of Columbia's Housing Authority, The Soho Group has earned a reputation as a premiere provider of affordable housing to veterans and families living well below the area’s median

income level.


No other company, bar none, has the depth of experience, the employment of 75 skilled full time Certified EPA and D.C. DOE Workforce. Regardless of size, regardless of scope, regardless of complexity, The Soho Group, Inc. is YOUR Single Source Provider for Lead Paint Safety.  Above and Beyond we stand alone in this Industry.

Please contact us today with your inquiries or schedule a complimentary on site consultation.

(202) 223-3334


Established in 1989, The Soho Group has provided exemplary residential restoration services. Specializing in painting, drywall, plasterwork, wood flooring and ceramic tile, The Soho Group has accomplished these specialties with extraordinary skill and attention to the most demanding details. Large or small, the Soho Group will surprise you with their cost efficient approach on your next project. Call today for a complimentary on-site visit to discuss your renovation scope.

Excellence since

  1989 ​ 


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